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About Us

Your success remains our focus,
Our experience drives our approach,
And together we'll build a successful partnership.

Various areas of life continuously provide opportunities to rethink how to efficiently produce, transport and deliver that which has ultimately become the most critical to the existence and sustainability of any modern society: electricity. The KiDiaGa Group was founded with the vision to positively contribute to that discussion, from a perspective that values electricity as a commodity whose economic dynamics must align with reliability and a secure environment. 


At The KiDiaGa Group, we understand that innovation and collaboration with our clients are the necessary ingredients to a successful partnership. As such, our team will always approach every challenge our clients face as an opportunity to achieve that goal. 


Whether from a project cycle execution, technical architecture implementation, or assets portfolio management in generation, transmission or distribution assets, our team's worldwide expertise and experience in transformational sector reform and grid modernization allows our clients to achieve sustainable operations, grid and market expansion. 


Bart Tsala - President

Since joining the company's operational structure in 2013, Bart Tsala brings leadership rooted in more than two decades of practical industry experience. He has been known to be competent at pioneering and integrating needed research initiatives while always balancing the objective of delivering robust answers to complex issues. As a domain expert, Dr. Tsala has contributed to the development of innovative technical solutions resulting in efficient systems operations, including with integration of renewable energy portfolios. He has worked with various entities worldwide and consulted several times for RTOs and ISOs.


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