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Grid Operators: RTOs and ISOs

Vibrant market participation results from the successful design and implementation of rules and operational principles that acknowledge key regional characteristics and yet foster strong market efficiency. Our holistic approach to grids development and operations aims at achieving these objectives.


Our offer to regional grid operators includes:

  • Operational Analytics and Forensics

  • Comprehensive Review of Market Design and Protocols

  • Market Processes Design: Day-Ahead, Reliability Assessment, Real-Time Balancing, Long-Term Congestion

  • Innovation in Market Design

  • Development of Business Requirements and Processes

  • Expert Testimony for Regulatory Inquiries

  • Training and Readiness for Operations, Market Development, Business Technology, Settlements

  • Regional Planning

  • Market Systems Optimization:

    • Business Logics Review

    • Formulation and Algorithm Design

    • Validation/Certification of Market Engines


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