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What We Do

In a rapidly evolving electric power industry, we devote our efforts at making the world’s grids efficient and sustainable.  Whether your organization is in charge of developing policies and implementing systems and processes for grid development, or actively takes interest in regional electric grid activities in some other form, we can provide the analytical framework and guidance necessary to your success.


Our experience with some of the world’s most complex electricity market operations allows us to continuously provide valuable insight to our clients’ needs and ultimately improve their performance in the energy value chain. With our library of proprietary analytical tools and our willingness to innovate where conventional or out-of-the box packages sometimes cannot provide satisfactory answers, we remain humble and adaptive when researching the solutions suitable to your needs.


In the end, The KiDiaGa Group will help deliver the scalable business solutions that ultimately provide your organization with:

  • Knowledge

  • Efficiency

  • Competitive Edge


Where We've Helped
  • Grid Operations

  • Research & Development

  • Market Participants

  • Capital Investment

  • Consulting

  • Academia

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